• BICEPS has two main muscles, that are BRACHII AND BRACHIALIS.
  • BRACHII has two main muscles are short head of bicep and long head of bicep.




  • While you posing your biceps you can see inside the short head of the bicep and in the middle long head of the bicep of brachii muscles.
  • Here is the second muscle of biceps that is brachialis is the smallest muscle.




  •  BRACHIALIS muscle is a weakness of everyone because they don’t train the brachialis muscle and they don’t know how to properly train the brachialis muscle. train the brachialis muscle is very important it gives you the full definition of the outer bicep and it also gives you the better illusion of the biceps.
  • most of the peoples they have big arms but their brachialis muscle is weak it does not appear clearly.
  • They don’t have a definition outside of the bicep which is very important.


  • So let me tell you first how to train the brachii muscle that is how to train short head of biceps and long head of the biceps.
  • If you do barbell curl or dumbbell curl, so in this when you curl straight so that your main muscle is training that is long head of bicep that is brachii muscle and when you hand is inward then you trained the brachialis muscle that is your outer bicep muscle and the last if you grab the barbell with a width grip so that you train your short head of bicep that is brachii muscle.
  • so there are three different angles and techniques to train the bicep.



  • Exercise for short head of the bicep  –  preacher curl, lying cable, concenta=ration curl, high cable curl and many more. (Best worked with arms in front of the body)
  • Exercise for long head of the bicep  – incline dumbbell curl, hammer curl and many more. (Best worked with arms behind the plan of the body)
  • Exercise for brachialis  – hammer curl and etc. (Best worked with hands in a neutral position)



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